Yurt Foundation

We had very little choice as to where to put the yurt since we wanted to use the trailer’s septic system.  The best spot was already taken up by a buried 19th century log home.  In this area the ground is hard-packed from being driven over with bulldozers, not to mention the buried treasure beneath, and thus unstable and unsuitable for a new foundation.  There were also some root issues where some trees had been removed around the old home site.  The site we ended up choosing is directly behind the trailer, so we have easy access to the electric and septic.  We did have to take out several small walnut trees and a dead cherry which overhung the site.  We didn’t want any limbs or messy walnuts falling on our roof!

We laid out lines to find the centers of the posts for the foundation piers.

Gavin using a borrowed hydraulic augur to dig the 18 foundation holes.

It took very little time to drill the holes with the augur, but then Gavin spent a while getting the excess dirt out and packing the holes for an easy concrete pour.

Holes complete.

Concrete piers curing.

Forms removed.  I got to do that part.

We set up the lines for level again, and put down some gravel.  You can see we put the greenhouse up too.

This shows the hardware the posts for the deck will sit on.  Gavin drilled holes in the piers and filled them with epoxy to hold the threaded bolts.  Apparently this is a stronger connection than setting the bolts in the wet concrete.