Yurt Raising

We had driven the yurt pieces in storage at my parents house back to the farm a few days before yurt raising day.

We had some lovely weather that day: October 10.  It was extremely overcast and sprinkled a few times, but nothing catastrophic.

Before the arrival of our workers, we tried to get things ready to go.  Looking back, I wish we had figured out a better stair situation, as it was difficult getting from the ground up onto the deck with just one layer of concrete blocks.

Setting the doors and lattice up.  You can see how the bender board around the edge of the circle holds the lattice in place.

Getting the compression ring onto the deck and setting the tension cable into the lattice wall.  The rafters are ready to go.

We rigged a platform on the scaffolding for the compression ring, hoisted it up, and set a few rafters.

Rafters done.

Gavin tapes together the panels of roof insulation.

Unrolling the roof was the hardest part because it was so heavy and stiff.

Adjusting the roof over the door and tying up the wall fabric.

Hoisting up the dome.

Setting the dome in place.

Admiring the handiwork.


Thank you to our family for coming out to help!

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  1. promotingfreedom@gmail.com says:

    We are so proud of the both you are following your dream and your seeing it happen!!

    Proud parents Pat and Dad
    We love you both!

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