Shower In!

This weekend Gavin made some more progress on the bathroom.

He installed the light fixture, the final wiring and covers for the outlets, and shower.

The shower we ordered is the smallest possible shower we could find.  It takes up a space of a little less than 32″ by 32″.

It feels like being in a tiny glass phonebooth.

We had to assemble the panels on the showerpan, attach the accessories, and hook up the plumbing.  Of course, this had to be done away from the wall and then slid into place over the drainpipe.  We hooked up the water, flushed the pipes, and tested for leakage.  Luckily we didn’t have any mishaps or broken glass, and the shower was functional by the end of the day!

One thought on “Shower In!

  1. Mike Postel says:

    Looks good guys. You have made some major leaps. Almost ready to move in. Doesn’t look like you will need a very big U-Haul to get your stuff in though. LOL

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