Field of Dreams

For the first time this weekend we had a little time to spend tilling up some ground for the garden.

It was slightly wet out, sprinkling on and off all day, but we had to get some beds started for the dahlia tubers which will arrive in a few weeks.  This tiller is a real beast to handle, but it does the job.  We can’t wait to get a tractor mounted tiller.  That will mean much less physical labor!

It was quite an exciting moment for us.  We have been waiting over 5 years for this day, to till up our own farmland!

Gavin completed the assembly of the kitchen cabinet base, and I applied the oil finish.  As soon as it dries Gavin will be able to install the sink and two-burner cooktop!

Gavin began laying out the back porch and dug one of the footers.

Spring is here.  The dogwoods are starting to burst open!