Moving In

Well, we finally moved into the yurt last weekend.  Still moving stuff in loads, but for the most part we’re in for good now.  We’ve got a lot of downsizing and shelf-building to do to be more comfortable in the 300 square feet, but so far we both love living in the yurt.

We had started many flats of vegetable and flower seeds at my parents’ house, so Gavin loaded them up in the Jeep and I drove them the hour and a half to the farm.  I was surprised: Gavin loaded them so securely, we didn’t lose a single plant!

We put the light bay in the greenhouse.  We’ve had temperatures this past week range from the 80s during the day into the 30s at night.  Unfortunately the yurt wouldn’t have been a much better location as far as temperature goes, since we have no heat pump yet.  But the seedlings are doing well despite the lack of temperature control.  Most are ready to move up into larger blocks.  I’ll have something to do later this week!

We had this unexpected visitor in our field for about a week.  She escaped from a neighbor’s land and was enjoying the grasses in our growing field.  Luckily no damage was done to the beds we had planted, and now she has been removed.  Now we’ll just have to contend with the deer and groundhogs.

Gavin also put in a circular driveway and parking area this week.

Not sure what these are, but they are coming up in patches near the trailer.  Pretty.