Back Porch

Gavin has been busy working on building the back porch the past couple of weeks.

He used the tractor to move the 6 x 6 posts onto saw horses.

It took some time to lay out the notches.

Gavin used a hand saw and chisel to cut notches for beams into the posts.

The driveway became a staging area.

Gavin assembled the frames and checked them for square.

Mixing concrete for the pier holes.

Dad has been over two days working on this project.  Thanks, Dad!  Here they are working on the pier holes.

Gavin and Dad setting the frames.  They used the tractor to hold it in place while they bolted, nailed, and screwed the pieces together.

At the end of the day, they had the frame in place and the rafters cut!

Today Gavin put the rafters and roof purlins up.  It looks great.

2 thoughts on “Back Porch

  1. Donna Rice says:

    Hi Meredith:
    Just looked at your latest pictures, I enjoy seeing what you’re doing, I hope someday I’ll be able to see it in person. Your mom keeps me up on most everything you kids are doing. I’m so glad she’s been able to spend as much time with your grandmother as she has, I know she enjoys having her. Donna

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