September Garden

The garden still continues to produce… despite the lack of rain.  Vegetables are mostly done, but some of the perennial flowers are just starting to bloom.

A bed of echinacea, seeded in April and transplanted to the field in late May.

The Helenium, another perennial.  Variety, Helen’s Mix.  I love the old fashioned look, but bugs seem to like the petals.

More of Helen’s Mix.

The yarrow bed.

The strawflower is still producing.

I started some lavender seeds this spring, most of which didn’t survive.  The plants that did make it are now 6″ to a foot tall, and look good; but the bed is spotty so I will have to eventually relocate or reposition the plants.

The Padron peppers; hot and drying on the bush.

Some hot jalapeno peppers.

The first planting of okra, variety: Burmese.  The pods are drying, and look pretty funky!  I have seen dried okra pods in flower arrangements; though definitely not this variety.  We’ll save the seeds though.

Here’s the second planting of okra, a variety called Evertender.  It grew so tall it is above my head.  Both okra varieties came from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange: they have the best selection of okra varieties I’ve seen.

Gavin tilled up one of the harvested potato rows and we did a small direct-seeded planting of carrots, arugula, scallions, kale, collards, salad greens, lettuce, salad turnips, and broccoli raab.  We were running out of fresh vegetables, so maybe now in a few weeks we’ll have a little something to eat.  Still waiting on that Maschio tiller…