October Garden

We still haven’t had a killing frost, and it’s October 29th.  So the garden is still growing…

We have been busy this month cleaning up and planting, and visiting with family.

One of Gavin’s big projects is getting the field mowed down.  As you can see it is full of healthy winged sumac, which has great fall color, but is unfortunately very invasive.

We had a bonfire to burned the huge pile of debris in the middle of the garden.  We may use this area for a garden shed.  The previous owners had a smokehouse here.

We went to Rebec Winery’s Garlic Festival in Amherst, VA and purchased some seed garlic and shallots from a North Carolina garlic grower.

We planted Turkish Red garlic, German White garlic, and shallots.  They have all sprouted.

We planted one of the 45′ rows with carrots, cilantro, scallions, greens, lettuce, and turnips.

A few weeks later and we are eating salads every night!

The dahlias are exploding with blooms.  There are few remaining pests in the garden to bother them.

A last harvest of sweet peppers.  There are freeze warnings for tonight.  I am going to go pick all the dahlias and tender veggies I can!