Deer Fence, Part 1

The rest of the deer fence materials (posts, concrete, and hardware) were delivered on Tuesday.

The fencing contractor crew came yesterday and put in all the fence posts and braces.  They accomplished a lot in one day!

Our water table is very high; about 3 feet down along the northern edge of the fence.  This section is near the creek and wetland area. The posts will sit in this water.

The skid steer auguring post holes.

East side of fence posts in place.

Corner braces at northeast corner.

Looking south.  Starting to look like a farm!

It was amazing to see the differences in the soil from the different holes.  We had very yellow soil to orange to grey to white.

The southern section of the fenced-in area where we will plant fruit trees and berries.

Southwest corner.

The east side; red flags are where the garden shed will go.

Gavin added compost and tilled up a few rows while the crew was working; it’s about time to start planting!  We will as soon as we can keep the deer out!