Deer Fence, Part 2

Our deer fence is now up, and fully functional.

But not before a few minor setbacks!  The fence contractor crew returned and put up the wire, but we still had three holes: two for the gates, and one for the garden shed.  The gates came by freight a few days later, but not before the deer found their way into the enclosure and did some minor, but irritating, damage to the row covers.

These are the gates we used.  The galvanized steel pipe gates should last a while.

Gavin put up some barbed wire across the opening for the shed; but it wasn’t enough to keep the deer out.  The next morning we found more damage to another newly planted row… the deer had wriggled through the barbed wire strands!  Luckily, we had a piece of scrap fence wire that was big enough to stretch across the opening, and Gavin hung it on the barbed wire.  Since then we have had no more deer issues!

Yesterday I planted out a row of brassicas and lettuce.

And watched as a groundhog wandered along the hill slope to his hole underneath a tree there.  I hope he doesn’t find his way under the fence!