First Market

I harvested all day, for the first time in many years!!!  It’s taken a while to get back to this point…

We have a LOT to take to the market in the morning.  The collard greens are doing well.

The spinach is beautiful.

A few bachelor’s buttons are blooming.  This variety is from seeds from Claude Monet’s garden; which were given to me by Gavin’s mother who travelled to France.

This is Knautia: Melton Pastels.  It is a perennial flower I started from seed last year; these are the first blooms.  Looks very similar to scabiosa.

We now have a wash station and packing area!  It is simple, but worked well today.

This variety of radish is d’Avignon.  I picked them very small; they are tender and delicious.

There will be lots of salad mix!

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have encouraged us to follow our crazy dream.  We are really getting here.

4 thoughts on “First Market

  1. ruth huffman says:

    Howdee Meredith!
    The place is really coming along. Wow! The yurt is fantastic and the gardens look very happy! Way to go! A question: I noticed y’all use vetch as a cover crop and I’ve always found it to be quite invasive and hard to get rid of when you want to, in fact I groan when i see it in any of my gardens. the roots are really tough and even the use of the dreaded round-up seems to not bother it any. Have you had any problems with it and if not, what is your secret for getting it out of the beds when you’re ready to plant your veggies and such? I hope you’ve been having a wonderful spring. looking forward to reading more about your life on the farm! Cheers…
    Ruth Huffman

    • Meredith says:

      Hey Ruth! Great to hear from you! Things are shaping up here… slowly but surely. It’s good to have a market to sell to again. It motivates us to do the work! We haven’t actually used vetch as a cover crop here; it is just coming up as a weed in our beds (and all over the place, really). I agree, it is hard to pull out. But it is a pretty plant I think. Ha ha. The vetch used as a cover crop is hairy vetch, which is usually planted in the late summer and overwintered, then mowed/tilled under in the spring. The common vetch found as a weed in our beds is probably not quite as useful for cover crop purposes, but I still think as a weed it can’t be that bad if it is fixing nitrogen. I have no idea how to get rid of it effectively, other than to keep pulling it out as it appears. Common vetch is a summer annual, so get it before it goes to seed. Hope you are doing well! Meredith

  2. ruth huffman says:

    Didn’t know the difference between the hairy vetch and the crown vetch. thanks for the info! by the way, since y’all are lovin’ the morels in yer yard ( and good food in general, it seems!) I was wondering if you know about this great book written by local author Katie Letcher Lyle called “the complete guide to edible wild plants, mushrooms, fruits and nuts.” It’s a great resource for wild foods and some of which are actually “weeds”, and what gardener doesn’t like to be able to eat some of the weeds we’ve spent all day pulling out of the garden! it’s got great recipes in it, too. next time you’re in town see if you can find a copy, maybe used at the Bookery? happy harvesting! love, ruth

    • Meredith says:

      Ruth, Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll definitely have to check it out. I would love to know what is edible of the weeds I’m pulling. My knowledge of the subject is pretty minimal. And it would be especially great if it is from a local author since I imagine it would be highlighting the plants found in our particular area. That would be helpful. Enjoy this beautiful time of year… before the heat really sets in! Take care! Meredith

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