Flowers in the Field

The heat of summer has arrived.  It’s hard to believe that just four weeks ago we had frost.  And today it’s 91 degrees.  Too hot to work outside at midday.

Yesterday morning I was picking peas (for the last time this year- unless we try growing them in the fall) and listening to all the buzzing going on around me.  There are so many different cut flower and vegetable plants blooming right now, I guess the bees are happy to be busy.

A celosia bloom.  You can just make out a tiny bee on the lower left side of the flower.

Bupleurum.  It definitely does not like this heat.

Leucanthemum (Shasta daisy) ‘Crazy Daisy’


Nigella and lavender.

Orange African Marigold.

Purple Tomatillo blossoms.

Blossom on an onion, about to burst open.  Looks like lots of tiny striped peppermint candies.

The first succession of green beans are blooming now… can’t wait for those first beans to come in!

Potatoes blooming.

Eggplant flower.