The Longest Day

It’s that time of year again: the summer solstice.

When you can stay out in the garden until almost 10:00 and it is still light enough to work.

Gavin got one section of the tomatoes tied up again last night: something which should have been done weeks ago.  Never enough time in the day, even on the longest day.  Those plants on the left are potatoes.  We’ll be digging some of the ‘Chieftan’ variety this week to bring to market new potatoes.  Chieftan has red-skin and white flesh.

The dahlias are a mess.  I am discouraged.  I don’t think I am going to grow them anymore.  I refuse to spray, and the bugs like them too much.  Live and learn.  There are many other flowers that bloom beautifully using organic methods, so I’ll just grow those.

I think this is the best-looking dinosaur kale we have ever grown.  We’ll be bringing some to market this week!  Also cucumbers.  We have been passing the cucumber patch for weeks now, wondering when they were going to start producing.  There were plenty of flowers, but we never saw any cucumbers.  I guess we just didn’t look hard enough, because I found about 20 pounds of cukes today hiding in the vines.