I found this interesting THING growing in some of the beds.  I had seen it before while weeding,  here and there, but didn’t think too much about it, because it was small, and I just weeded it out.  I thought it might be some kind of fungus.  Until some of the beds that had never been weeded started to get really invaded by the stuff.  I did a google search, and found out it is called Cuscuta, or Dodder.  According to Wikipedia, it has many other interesting folk names as well: devil’s guts, devil’s hair, hellbine, strangleweed, and witch’s hair.

You can see why it might be called devil’s hair.  It is really a parasitic plant, that feeds off the host plant and strangles it with its viney tentacles.

It is all over a part of the ammi (false queen anne’s lace) bed, and in the swiss chard.  I had to do some damage control and pull out all the plants.  Hopefully it is contained now, because it was starting to flower.  That’s all we need are more weeds…

This week the cherry tomatoes have really taken off.  This year we are growing Sun Gold, Black Cherry, Yellow Mini, and Yellow Pear varieties.

The Yellow Pears are just about to ripen; we planted them later than the others.  Mostly what is coming in now is the Sun Gold, which is an incredibly sweet variety.

Also this week at market, we’ll have lots of wax beans.  The bunnies have laid off this week, so we were able to pick buckets full.  Lot of eggplant, salad mix, and various other summer treats.

Storms are threatening so I must return to the outdoors and get some work done!