Passion Flower

Last fall we found a few passion fruits in a field that had grown up all summer and had just been bush-hogged.  It took us some time to identify it because frost had already killed the vine and the plant had been mown over.  This year, I have noticed several of the passion flower vines growing in the garden and field, now that I know what to look for.  Yesterday I saw one of the vines flowering, which is quite a site.  Passion flower grows wild here but there are varieties that are cultivated as a garden plant.

What a wild-looking flower!  If we leave it in place long enough we can harvest and eat the fruit.  When we found the fruit last year it was well past its prime for eating but still had a fruity tropical scent.

We are busy planting fall crops, mowing down summer crops, and planning for next year’s fruit and flower crops!  Also harvesting.

One hot steamy day last week my Dad and Gavin started putting in the ground posts for our next high tunnel!  It was a lot of work!  We wanted to get the posts in the ground since a storm had somewhat loosened up the hard-packed August soil with several inches of needed rain.

We are looking forward to having this project completed.  The new tunnel will become our equipment shed, for the time being.  We will be able to move the tractor and other stuff out of the larger tunnel so we can use that space exclusively for transplants and also build a more permanent packing area.

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  1. Mary Atthowe says:

    The passion flower is so very interesting! It was good to see the photos of the work last week. Mary

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