Fall Field Walk

Now that the season is slowly winding down, we had a little time this morning to ponder the possible future expansion of our farm enterprise.

While the fenced area is a good start, we will need to expand the area we have under cultivation if we want to farm full-time.

So we took a walk around the large field to the south of the greenhouse, wandering and wondering.  Should we fence this field also, or just put up a few greenhouses?  Or try growing without protection from the deer?

There were a lot of pretty wild flowers blooming along the edge of the field.

I haven’t had a chance until now to check out these blooms up close.

Also lots of bizarre looking stinkhorn mushrooms growing in the field.

While the future of the front field remains unclear, we have decided we will be putting up the two greenhouses this winter… as soon as time allows.

You can see where they will sit better now that the millet has matured and the surrounding area has been mown.

I have been using the millet in the bouquets for a couple of weeks now.  I like its pendulous form and burgundy coloring.  It really does look like little fox tails.

The ginger in the greenhouse is chest high now, and we will be harvesting some for the market this coming Saturday.  I dug up a small piece to sample and the baby ginger is incredible: no fibrous skin to peel.

The garden is full of weeds; at least in some areas.  Three different types of morning-glory strangling anything it can get ahold of.

I think the red type is pretty.  But hopefully we can get it out of the beds before it sets too much seed.

Lots of sunflowers coming in.  They are all blooming at once it seems.

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