Field Walk 4-4-12

I could spend all my time just walking around in the field watching everything grow.  Except I have a lot of other tasks to do.  This time of year is especially amazing as things burst forth and seem to double in size each day.

I wish I could convey this excitement and growth in pictures, but it is difficult to depict without seeing it in person.

Three weeks left until the first market.

Every day I plant out something new.

We attempted to grow fall-planted strawberries; hopefully we will have a few for the markets.  They are starting to bloom!

Another row planted in the greenhouse this week.

This row is for peppers.  Still one row taken up with transplant trays…

All covered up for the night.  We had a hard frost again this week.  Cooler temperatures are here for the next few days.

My future awaits me digging trenches for potatoes in the un-fenced field.  No tractor implement for this job yet.

I will be glad for the cool weather to do this work.