Pretty Beets and Carrots

We dug up one of the (very weedy) carrot rows this past week, and made up tons of baby carrot bunches for the markets.

These are a mix of three different varieties: Nelson, Rainbow, and Purple Haze.

Chioggia, Detroit dark red, and cylindra beets.

Flowering onions.

Plenty of transplanting to do.  We are pulling out many spring crops to make space for these little ones.

More field work in our new growing area outside the fence.

Gavin has had very little time to work on the shed, but he did get most of the purlins up on the roof.  Another day and he will start putting on the roofing or the siding.

Summer veggies are starting to appear this week!  Good-bye spring, hello heat!

4 thoughts on “Pretty Beets and Carrots

    • Meredith says:

      Thanks, Sara. I had planned on growing lots of carrots this year… ordered tons of seed. Then the reality of all that weeding sets in. They are such a labor-intensive crop, but I do love the fun of pulling them out of the ground!

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