This spring has been a little challenging.

snow-covered farm in spring

It stayed super cold through March, with a few snow events and lots of below-freezing temperatures after I had planted out quite a few crops.  But despite the snow and cold we kept chugging along, starting seeds, getting beds prepared when the soil was dry, and keeping the greenhouse warm.

keeping the fires burning

Gavin got up several times a night to go out and stoke the fire in the wood stove to keep our transplants from freezing.

preparing to plant

I did lots of planting on cold, dreary 30-40 degree days.

babies ready to go in the ground

Lots of brassicas in the ground.  And covered.

all covered up

Someday these will be flowers.

statice seedlings

Mei Qing Choi, Pac choi, Vivid Choy, Tatsoi ready to plant.

trays of Asian greens ready for planting

April brought a drastic change in the weather and we have had continuous 70-90 degree temperatures and not a bit of frost!  Yes, this is spring!

spring planting

Bean planting.

bean planting

The sweet potatoes have sprouted lots of slips.  We’re doing seven varieties this year!

sprouting sweet potatoes

Early potatoes in the little tunnel, and furrowing for the main potato planting going on outside.

potatoes, and more potatoes

Ten varieties of spuds this year.

spud planting

Salad mix… we had a market last weekend and lots of green leafy veggies to take!  Everything coming from the tunnel.

salad mix

Gavin has been focused on getting the new larger tunnel completed.

attaching wiggle-wire channels

Fastening the wiggle-wire channel to the end wall to hold on the plastic.

stapling in the bottom of the roll-down sidewall

Stapling up the sidewall.

plastic roll unraveling attachment to pallet forks

Constructing a contraption to attach to the pallet forks to lift the roll of plastic above the peak of the tunnel.

getting ready to unroll the plastic

In action.  The first sheet went on so easily.

plastic accordian on roof

By the time we got to the second sheet the wind had picked up and we had continuous frustration, including lots of holes and almost the whole sheet falling off the side onto the ground.  Oops.

cutting off the excess

But we eventually conquered, just the two of us.  Cutting off the excess plastic.  Gavin is spiderman.

asparagus harvest too

Lots of ladder work.  Our asparagus is coming in!  Too bad we can only cut them for 7-10 days this year.  These perennial crops require some extreme patience and diligent weeding.

lots of ladder work

Look at all that covered space.  I can’t wait to get some veggies in there!

7 thoughts on “Springtime

  1. Arnie says:

    Gavin. I thought it was too cold for sweet potatoes??? I usually plant in May at the earliest???? Your greenhouses look great, I just wish I had the land, etc.. arnie , Moyock has had a lot of rain !!

    • Meredith says:

      We have not planted the sweet potatoes yet, just growing the slips so that we will have some ready for May planting. Still a couple of cold nights forecast for this weekend, but otherwise it’s been such a beautiful spring (since April that is).

  2. Mary Atthowe says:

    The progression from snow covered ground to the spring planting is amazing in this entry. You have made great progress with the new hoop house. I wish we were closer to get to your market regularly. The produce is beautiful.

  3. Bill says:

    Everything looks great. I love the work y’all are doing. This spring has been a real challenge for us, since we don’t have any hoop houses. I’m still a month behind on nearly everything! You won’t regret putting in the time to have that asparagus. We’ve had our patch for years (and I’ve been adding to it every year). Keeping the weeds out is a major challenge though. If you have any tips for that I hope you’ll share them. 🙂

  4. Meredith says:

    I agree… weeds in the asparagus are a Major Challenge. I was just looking at them today and after all my weeding this winter it is a disaster area once again. I would like to mulch them heavily but that would be a huge task, and with so many other tasks during the busy season it doesn’t seem likely to happen. Maybe next year we’ll do better.
    Hope your season is bountiful even with the late start!

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