Catching Up

Borrowed disc for preparing our new field areas.

borrowed disc

Sowing the new fields to cover crop.

cover cropping

Fall planted cover crop maturing: crimson clover and wheat.

cover crop patch

Installing another irrigation manifold for a new field area.

installing more irrigation posts for our new growing area

Rocks used for holding down row cover moved out of the garden on pallets. Now that we have pallet forks we can move a lot of things around on pallets. Yippee!

moving rocks out of the garden

Lots of growth in the new tunnel; also lots of weeds.

in the tunnel

Planting on a rainy day… gotta get it done.

wet planting day

Danger lurking beneath spinach leaves: a black widow.

danger lurks beneath

Glad I saw you first.

black widow

An amazing collard crop.

a stellar collard crop

Trellised sugar snaps in the tunnel.

super sugar snap

Beautiful spring lettuces.

amazing lettuces

Our spring crop of shiitake mushrooms.

gigantic shiitakes

Kohlrabi pyramid.


Scarlet queen turnips.

scarlet queen turnips

Sweet success on the strawberry front this year.


Bringing it all to market.

back at market



Tiny toad.

little froggy

Rabbits caught in the bean patch.

caught in the act

Cicadas everywhere.


Trying to catch up on the posting, now that we have what appears to be a more reliable and speedy internet connection.

6 thoughts on “Catching Up

    • Meredith says:

      I see them around occasionally, usually under rocks, but it definitely surprised me to see one hiding in the spinach; I have never seen such a big black widow spider before!

  1. Michelle says:

    I love all the pictures!! We set out to buy your vegetables this morning after seeing your website. I love that I am all the more connected to the food I’m eating after seeing this. Please continue posting interesting photographs for us city folks. =D

    • Meredith says:

      Thanks Amy. It is actually looking pretty dreadful out there right now. I always find it hard to keep moving forward this time of year when the pest pressures are high and weeds are starting to really get out of control, and we’ve been pushing so hard since early February. Time for a few days off I think for a little perspective. Hope things are going well for you. Your market shots look awesome!

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