Soggy Summer

Yes, we’ve had lots of rain here.

standing water in the beds

There is standing water in some of the lower beds.

rotting lettuce

And rotting lettuces with wet feet.

wet fields

We were lucky we got a bit of tillage done last weekend in a brief dry spell so I was able to get a few beds planted out early in the week. So we may have lettuce again someday if it stops raining.

potato field

The potato patch is filled with weeds.

planting into the wet soil

It’s not so easy planting into wet soil. But at least we haven’t had to irrigate outside. All summer.

garlic harvesting

We harvested our garlic crop a few weeks ago during a minute of dry weather.

drying the garlic

It has been trying to dry down in the potting house; we’ve been running the fans in there, as it has rained almost every day since we harvested!

summer evening

Most of our spring crops have been tilled in a few weeks ago, but they are having trouble decomposing due to the constant wetness.

spring crop cleanup

Though it’s definitely been challenging getting things done outside, our indoor crops are mostly doing well.

eggplant harvest

We are harvesting lots of eggplant, tomatoes, and cucumbers out of the tunnels.

cukes in the tunnel

Cucumbers climbing on the same trellis where our spring crop of sugar snap peas grew.

trellised cukes in the tunnel

Aren’t they little beauties.

tunnel tilling

The ginger is growing; the tomatoes are going crazy. You can see we didn’t do so well getting our slicers trellised over there on the right side. Oops.

goodbye first squash crop

Tearing out the first planting of squash.

tomato thievery

This is why I don’t grow tomatoes outdoors. Every time I do it turns out to be a disaster, and a waste of my time and effort. Raccoons eat the tomatoes just as they are turning. Or they split in the rain.


Or they just get blight and die.

parasatized hornworm

Thank you, parasitic wasps, for finding this hornworm.

birds nest in the row-cover

A carolina wren built a nest into one of our bales of row-cover sitting unused in the greenhouse.

snakeskin in the cucumber patch

Finding a snake skin in the cucumber patch when you are wading in tall grass. Hm.

snake wrangling

The next day we found the owner of the snake skin lurking in the greenhouse.

snake on a stick

Carrying him away.

goodbye black snake

Far away.

mini red cabbages

Despite all our weather issues, we still have some beautiful mini red cabbage heads.

beet harvest

And lots of beets.

cherokee sunset rudbeckia

And lovely flowers.

Friday night bouquet-making

Bouquet making on a Friday night. What I like to call a good time.

tomato pickin' hands

This is what your hands look like when you have been picking tomatoes for several hours.

tomatoes at market

To bring you this table full of tomatoes.

the other end of the table

And every other vegetable we can grow. Except for lettuce this week.

rainbow over the yurt

Brought to you from our farm at the end of the rainbow.

4 thoughts on “Soggy Summer

  1. Mary Atthowe says:

    So sorry for all of the wet weather….your lettuce will be missed by many. I would love some of those beets and red cabbages! Guess I’ll just have to get myself over the mountain! Love the pictures. Hope you are getting the sun we just got today.

  2. Colleen Gibson says:

    Gavin.. it is Colleen Gibson.. neighbors with your Mom in Virginia Beach.. it is so great to see all the wonderful work you and your beloved do.. the time and effort you put into all you grow.. simply amazes me.. We have a little garden here.. and we too have had too much rain… things are yellowing.. but we are thankful for what we do have.. Keep up the great work and sharing the photos.. and the enjoyment in what you both love.. Peace..

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