Fall Preparations

Cool weather is just around the corner. Mornings and evenings are inviting times to work in the garden.


Summer fruit season is upon us with our raspberries and solanaceous crops coming in.

stink bug on raspberry

We are loving the raspberries; they are loaded this year. The bugs are loving them too. We have a deal; we let them have at least 50% of the crop and they leave us the rest.

harvesting more raspberries

Lots of bending over for hours on end to harvest these jewels. But the flavor is outstanding!

poblano peppers

Poblano peppers… time for some chiles rellenos.

shiitake harvest

We’ve had two flushes of mushrooms over the past few weeks. Unexpected and welcome. Hopefully lots more to come this fall! Judging by the cut ends of the logs we inoculated this spring, it looks like they have had good spawn run.


Purple tomatillos. For some reason these have been more productive for us than the green tomatillos.


Tomatoes loaded down with fruit in the tunnel.

Japanese Black Trifele

Japanese black trifele. One of the heirloom varieties we grow.

summer bouquets

And flowers!

bouquet making

Making bouquets is a change of pace from harvesting vegetables.

July flowers

The bright hot colors of summer in zinnias, celosia, sunflowers, rudbeckia, gomphrena, and cosmos.

more dangers of harvesting

Another black widow lurking beneath a pepper.


Pollinator in action.

early morning sunrise

A stunning sunrise, setting up at market.


Everything we bring to market comes out of this tiny van! We love our transit connect.


Must have been a beautiful morning for the folks in the hot-air balloon!

bed turnover in the tunnel

Re-planting one of the beds in the big house to fall crops! We have been busy mowing, tilling, and seeding fall crops; mostly outdoors but a few rows indoors as well. Not too long and we’ll be mostly done with planting for the year!


I will remember the summer of 2013 for the rain, and some spectacular cloudy skies.

5 thoughts on “Fall Preparations

  1. Mary Atthowe says:

    Oh, how I wish I could get to your market easily. The flowers are beautiful and I know from experience that they last a very long time. Your tomatoes look so much better than ours. Your photos are great. Take SOME time to rest!

  2. Meghan Clayton says:

    It makes me so happy to see your farm. I am especially enjoying your flowers… Your photography is stunning 🙂
    (I just looked above and noticed your sister and I were thinking all the same thoughts lol

  3. Doris Rasmussen says:

    I am always amazed the how beautiful your stuff is. The veggies look so yummy – those mushrooms were the Shitake right? I absolutely love raspberries and didn’t get any fresh ones this year. One friend who we have helped pick them other years had very few. My cousins bear in Sept. so maybe….. Doris Rasmussen


  4. Meredith says:

    Hi Doris, yes, those are the shiitake mushrooms. They are sooo good, if you’ve never tried them. We just saute them with butter and garlic. Hope you can get some fresh raspberries this summer!

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