November 24, 2013

What’s been going on at the farm over the past six weeks. Lots of spider webs.


We planted our garlic crop for next year. Three varieties of hardneck garlic and one softneck.

digging furrows

This is our first time growing softneck garlic and it planted quite a bit more square footage than we had planned for. The softneck garlic has lots of variation in clove size compared to the hardneck garlic, so it will be interesting to see if there is as much variation in the ultimate size of the bulbs.

planting garlic

We planted five 90′ rows, which is over double what we had this year.

more garlic planting

It’s a month later and the garlic has started the emerge! I hope garlic is not a tasty crop for deer. Our new fence will not protect this area for probably another three months.

garlic emergence

We had our first hard frost. Followed by a couple of extremely cold nights in the twenties and teens.


Setting up at the last summer-season market, which was held on a lovely day with below-freezing temps almost all morning. Now we are delighted to be indoors for the winter markets until the summer season starts up again in late April!

setting up at the last outdoor market

The spinach rows we seeded for winter harvest have done well despite the extremely dry weather during germination.

september spinach seeding

We have now covered these rows with row-cover. More to protect them from deer than anything else.


We finally took down the row of tomatoes that lasted all season in the tunnel. The row on the far left is another row of tomatoes that we planted late and were harvesting on up until early November when we had a very cold night that wiped them out. Other crops in the foreground are ginger, kale, and celery.

tunnel work

November tomatoes. It’s a first for us to have them available this late in the season.

late season tomatoes

Preparing beds for more winter crops.

preparing beds

The cover crops on our fields are growing beautifully.

winter cover crops

Fall color at sunset.

fall colors

Gavin spent a little time to work on the shed roof, which has been waiting on the back burner since the spring.


Shed roof off the shed.

from the rooftop

A little more room to keep the implements out of the weather.

up on the roof

Finished wall and roof. This space is not entirely enclosed, but should be just enough protection to keep out the wind-driven rain.

finished wall

The roof on the north side does not have a wall.

the shed

Hope we’ll have a little more for the market this winter.

little tunnel

Fall cleanup is almost complete. Gavin seeded the last cover crops yesterday in beds we just finished harvesting. Next I’ll be mulching and weeding the perennial beds.

2 thoughts on “November 24, 2013

  1. Mary Atthowe says:

    There sure is a lot still going on even though the “growing” season is over. You have accomplished so much!

  2. Nicole Sanderlin says:

    I agree with Mary! Such amazing progress this year! hope you can get some well-earned rest this winter!

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