August 23, 2015

Many things afoot here at Sandyfoot: what a great summer it’s been!


The blueberry bushes are doing well, and we tasted some of the first fruits this year.


Digging potatoes. So many potatoes!


The tomatoes in the tunnel have been stellar! No leaf mold disease issues as in years past, since we only grew varieties with leaf mold resistance. They’re still kicking, unlike our outdoor tomatoes which have been almost a complete loss due to stink bug damage. Still, plenty of challenges in the tunnel with army worms and of course tomato hornworms, which seemed especially prolific this year.


Earlier in June… a look at the summer veggie field.


And a couple of weeks later in July, harvesting some gorgeous eggplant!


Ginger and turmeric growing in the little tunnel. We’ll start to dig these soon!


Fall garden planted out and growing like crazy.


The weather has cooled enough that we have greens once again.


And lots of diversity for seasonal eaters at the market.


We’re busy getting ready for next year’s crops with some compost spreading fun.


And of course the building projects continue. Our cooler is finally up and running!!! (And now it’s time to start thinking about the NEXT cooler…)


After five years of slowly building infrastructure and getting more land into production this place is really starting to come together. We’ve had some unexpected markets open up over the past few months and it’s become very apparent that it’s time to hire more farmers to work here. We’ve been so blessed this season to have great part-time help and we’re looking forward to having a full-time crew on our farm next year to help serve our community of eaters!