In the Evening

With another week of lengthening daylight hours we are working late, trying to get each task checked off the to-do list…

We harvested the garlic.

It is curing in the greenhouse.

Many of the flowers are coming into bloom now.  Rudbeckia, zinnias…

Bugs are showing up to taste some of the good food we’re growing here.

A lot of my time is spent picking beans.  Row after weedy row.

Gavin hills the potatoes.

Soon we will be digging them!

Celosias form their fuzzy brain heads.

A bird made its nest in the sunchokes.

And laid an egg inside!

Not all of our endeavors here are successful.  Gavin takes an entire row of cabbage to the compost pile.

Better luck next time.

A beautiful weed that has escaped the lawnmower blades blooms.

Ready to make deliveries.

Hope these flowers and veggies from the farm bring some folks a little joy.