Garden Friends and Foes

I’ve seen a lot of interesting bugs in the garden this summer.

Japanese beetles are everywhere: here on the basil.  We never had a problem with them in Goshen, but here they seem to eat anything and everything.  I guess that has something to do with the climate zone difference and microclimate.

Not sure what this fly is doing.  Hanging out on rudbeckia ‘Goldilocks’.

Some leafhoppers on the sunflower.

This margined blister beetle is a real destroyer…a vegetarian.

Butterfly on the zinnia.

Ant on the strawflower.

An albino crab spider!

Dogbane beetles eating in the field.

Worms eating collards.

A tomato hornworm that has been parasitized by beneficial wasps!  I have seen many of these.

And Peter Rabbit.