Early June

Sunflower unfurling. We’ve been harvesting summer squash and sunflowers from the new tunnel!

sunflower in the tunnel

The squash row and tomatoes in the tunnel. The squash plants are huge- about 4′ tall- and we can barely squeeze in between the rows to pick them.

in the new tunnel

A beautiful crop of sugar snaps; that is, it was until the trellis string broke and some of the vines toppled over during the last storm.

super sugar snaps

Curly kale and my least favorite summer weed.

curly kale

Garlic scapes… this means garlic harvest is not far off!

garlic scapes

A stellar radish harvest.


Our first successful cauliflower crop! Can’t wait to grow it again next year. The spring crops have done so well for us this year.

broccoli and cauliflower

More tomatoes ready to be planted; making soil blocks for another round of seedlings.

making soil blocks

Curious insect on a broccoli leaf.

darth vader bug

5:25 am on a Saturday morning.

heading to market

I don’t think we can fit any more in.

side door view

In the front seat I hold the flower bucket in my lap.

flowers up front

7:45 am. Almost ready for the morning rush.


What a wonderful time of year. Lots of good things to eat as we still have the greens of spring and are just starting to harvest the fruits of summer. The solstice is almost here!