First Market

I harvested all day, for the first time in many years!!!  It’s taken a while to get back to this point…

We have a LOT to take to the market in the morning.  The collard greens are doing well.

The spinach is beautiful.

A few bachelor’s buttons are blooming.  This variety is from seeds from Claude Monet’s garden; which were given to me by Gavin’s mother who travelled to France.

This is Knautia: Melton Pastels.  It is a perennial flower I started from seed last year; these are the first blooms.  Looks very similar to scabiosa.

We now have a wash station and packing area!  It is simple, but worked well today.

This variety of radish is d’Avignon.  I picked them very small; they are tender and delicious.

There will be lots of salad mix!

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have encouraged us to follow our crazy dream.  We are really getting here.