Civilization At Last

Today I came home from a day of working in over 90 degree heat and stepped into a nice cool 74 degree yurt.  How awesome is that? We’ve just gotten our heat pump installed, and not a day too soon.  It’s been a little warm the last few weeks, to say the least.

The heat pump is a ductless split system which consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.  Instead of using ducts to circulate cool or warm air, the indoor unit acts as an air handler.  These types of heat pumps are great for retrofit installations where there is no existing ductwork… or, say, in yurts.  This part is the indoor unit.  It measures about 8″ x 12″ x 42″.  It took us a lot of time to figure out where to put it, since our space is so limited.  Originally we were going to put it above the refrigerator on the kitchen wall, but then we found out you have to maintain a clear space of at least five feet beneath the unit for proper air circulation.  So we finally figured that really, the only place we have that would be clear at all times is in front of the door.  Gavin built a beautiful mount for the unit and the HVAC folks came and installed the indoor unit.  Well, that was a month ago.  It turned out the outdoor unit was damaged, and they had some trouble locating a replacement.

Finally they located a unit and installed it yesterday and today.  Here’s the outdoor unit.  It’s pretty small compared to the size you would see for a “normal” house; about 11″ x 25″ by 37″.  So far we have been impressed with how quiet both the indoor and outdoor units are.  You can hardly tell they are on.  Really amazing.

Here’s a shot of the mount Gavin made for the indoor unit.  It’s what you see when you come in the front door and look up.  He cut pieces from extra yurt rafters (that had been damaged in transit and we had to get replacements for) and used the same plywood that we have on the walls.  The black tubing is insulation wrapped around the refrigerant line that goes to the outdoor unit and a drain line for the condensation that collects.  Cool: literally.