The yellowing leaves of the walnut trees are starting to fall.  Canada geese are back, flying over the farm and stopping at the nearby ponds on their way south.  In the morning when I go outside, spiders have built their webs everywhere, and they shine with dewdrops.

Fall is coming fast, but we still have a lot going on.  We finally pulled out all the tomatoes from the high tunnel.  Nothing like removing hundreds of tomato plants with smelly rotten tomatoes all over the place!  That is a huge stack of tomato cages you see piled up next to the high tunnel.

Gavin got the tomato rows composted and tilled, and I planted sugar snap peas and beans for some late fall crops.

The ginger and peppers are still growing in the other rows of the tunnel.

Lots of tomato volunteers germinating in there with the peas and beans!

Sunchokes in the early morning sun.  It’s hard to imagine when you plant a tiny tuber in the ground in early April that they will become ten feet tall by September!

We spent last weekend weeding out the raspberry patch, thanks to my Dad’s help.

With several inches of rain over the past week the fall crops are starting to size up and look happy.

It’s nice to see abundant green growth after the hot, dry summer.

A beautiful fall-like morning in Central Virginia… until the muggy heat of the day sets in!